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INNER FIRE Network is for everyone who is growing a well-being business or practice. Made up of people who are passionate positive impact creators, who choose to live from the insight-out, and who make a difference by serving humanity through their skills, talents, products, and services.

The INNER FIRE Network is also where conscious like-minded people connect, in order to inspire each other and ever grow their inner being, through their own personal transformation and through building a sustainable business or practice. 

Our goal is to help you:

  • Meet other creators like you, so that we can all exchange ideas, learn new strategies, and uncover new ways to successfully grow our own well-being business or practice, and ever expand as a person.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently, as a result of hearing the stories, experiences, emotions, and ideas of people on the same path.
  • Get answers to the burning questions you just can't Google when it comes to leveling up your business/practice, managing your creations, personal and professional growth, time, emotions, and energy.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to develop your products or services, how to market your brand, and how to grow your business consistently.
  • Build a sustainable and flourishing brand that is an expression of your insight-out living, recognised by more people in the process of positively transforming their lives. 
  • Learn & How To Grow Your Brand: tools, strategies, successful stories interviews, Marketplace, marketing sources, including Marketing Masterminds, video sessions, live calls, network discussions, and posts where other creators like you exchange their skills, experience, solutions, and ideas.
  • Make a positive impact and thrive in all areas of your well-being. 
  • Live true to who you are, with time freedom, the abundance of health, wealth and joy, while doing what we love.
  • Find inspiration and get encouragement from your fellow creators. And of course, have fun along the way!


What Is INNER FIRE Network?

INNER FIRE Network is where creators of a well-being enhancing products and services can build a business, they are proud of...

INNER FIRE Network is the simplest way of bringing together well-being businesses growth strategies, tools, information, connections, opportunities, value exchange, ideas, collaboration, and co-creation - all in one place.

 Passionate positive impact brand creators just like you are using INNER FIRE Network to build flourishing brands which transform people’s well-being.

If you're anything like other INNER FIRE Network Members, this might be what you're managing every day:

In short, it’s a mess. That's why we created INNER FIRE Network.

When you join our network, we will start you off with a 7-day free trial, so you can explore all of the features.

We Stand For

Self-acceptance, reliability, efficiency, freedom to be who you are, kindness, non-judgment, respect, taking personal responsibility for the shape of one's life, becoming the change world needs, following own truth, oneness, living from within, co-creation, inspiration, empowerment, and making a positive impact.

Want The Inspired Teamwork Effect?

We will connect you to people on the same path, who will support your every step in the brand-building journey and self-creation because just like you, all the Creators here are passionate about serving others through their skills, knowledge, and talents and not leaving anyone behind when growing our flourishing brands. 

Ready To Dive In?

Join us in the INNER FIRE Network to meet amazing Creators just like you who are living from the insight-out and are successfully growing their sustainable businesses and practices.

We've got Success Stories you can explore, opportunities to network and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs, a marketing dedicated masterminds group, live online meetings to provide solutions to your challenges and answers to your questions. Finally, we have a resource library full of guides, strategies, and tips for how to successfully develop a sustainable well-being business or practice, so that you can 100% enjoy doing what you love.

Our goal is to show you how to take your brand, course, ideas, or goals and translate them into a thriving successful brand.


INNER FIRE Community is part of INNER FIRE global well-being platform. It is funded by Cichuta sisters to bring people closer together in the process of co-creating an abundant life that is healthy, happy, peaceful, and allows everyone freedom of being and living in alignment with one's inner truth.