INNER FIRE Community
INNER FIRE Community

The Wheels of Joy

All you must know to practice living from the insight out because now you're ready to discover.


This is a community where questions about health, joy, happiness, well-being and living from insight out are asked and answered. Once you join this journey of transformation, you gain more health, confidence, control over stress, freedom from anxiety and enjoyment. 

Here you can talk to experts, learn from transformational sessions, studies, articles, daily inspirations and from the community meetings which saves your worry or doubts. 

You have just found a safe space where you can express your personality, to be and improve yourself. Free of judgment, criticism and full of support, this is the community of people who want to live from the insight out. 

If you care about living purposely and in alignment with your inner self, if you believe in creating desired changes by being the change you want to see and if you want to be positively influential, you have just found your tribe. 

The INNER FIRE Community is made of people from all walks of life, who get together to:

- Find everything needed to live purposely and happier

- Support each other in growing into an anxiety-free, joyful and healthy changemakers

- Influence, empower, inspire, share supporting ideas, information, questions and discussions

- Become the change you want to see in yourself, your life, other people and in the world

- Offer a sense of belonging and support, without the need to fit in

- Enjoy a safe space for self-expression, free of judgment, free of criticism and full of acceptance

- Celebrate the uniqueness of each member

- Co-create the source of wisdom that is trustworthy and free from unreliability, disinformation or unfairness

- Connect in the same will to live healthier, happier, full of joy and purposefully while staying true to who you are 

Here is where living is being, where you have your tribe helping you to ignite your inner fire and become all that you want to be. 


INNER FIRE Community is part of the INNER FIRE It Is a global well-being platform. It is funded by Cichuta sisters to bring people closer together in the process of co-creating a life that is healthy, happy, peaceful and allows everyone freedom of being and living in alignment with one's inner truth.

We Stand For

Self-acceptance, reliability, efficiency, freedom to be who you are, kindness, non-judgment, respect, taking personal responsibility for the shape of one's life, becoming the change world needs, following own truth, oneness, living from within, co-creation, inspiration and empowerment, making a positive impact. 

Brands & Teachers

Health and wellness practitioners who want to offer sessions, classes, information or engage with the community in any other way. Contact us to discuss: [email protected]


100% Satisfaction Guarantee Promise

“If for any reason you are not happy with what this membership gives you, let us know within the guarantee period of three months and we will either personally fix the issue or will offer you a full refund.” Aleksandra Cichuta & Joanna Cichuta, Founders

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